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Gilbert Synergie Rugby Match Ball - SIZE - 5

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GILBERT Synergie Rugby Match BallThe Gilbert Synergie is designed
for elite play with features born out of extensive research involving
top players and Computational Fluid Dynamic analysis. Multi Matrix 3D
Grip provides ultimate handling for pinpoint passing and Reaction
Laminate ensures optimal energy transfer from boot to ball for a
devastating kicking game.The patented Trueflight Valve improves
aerodynamics to provide all match balls with ultimate balance and truer,
longer flight. The unique valve in seam position ensures that the ball
will not deviate from the line of kick, which results in greater accuracy.
Utilising the latest surface technology this match ball is unique to
Gilbert and arose by combining hthe pimple patterns of the Xact and Xact
7 match balls.The Reaction Laminate ensures optimal energy transfer between
boot and ball to improve strike consistency. It has been pre-kicked by
kicking machines to remove residual stress making it match ready and good
to go.Multi Matrix 3D grip features star shape, dual height pimples which
allow maximum grip coverage whilst maintaining kicking distance and accuracy.
Maximising hand contact with the ball, it provides ultimate passing and c
atching control, performing in all conditions.Multi Matrix 3D Grip.Patented
TruflightTM Valve.Reaction Laminate Construction.High grade rubber surface.
Hand stitched.Pre Kicked.